Celebrity Cruises Stole my Luggage

Monday, July 31, 2006

Beware of Celebrity Cruises

I've started this blog to warn anyone who is considering taking a cruise of the dangers of cruise ships. I found out the hard way that most of the big cruise ship companies are not bound by any national laws, so robberies and violent crimes are common. Even worse, these crimes are usually never resolved or properly investigated.

I am currently stuck on a Celebrity Cruise ship in the North Sea, missing a good chunk of my personal property. Upon entering the ship, I was instructed to hand my baggage to a porter to be carried onto the ship ( I assumed this was for security reasons). Instead of insisting that I carry my own baggage, I trusted the Celebrity employees who were telling me to do this, and handed over my baggage. That was the last I saw of one of my bags. I am now stuck on the ship - missing my luggage and $5000 worth of property (my computer, mp3 player, electronic equipment, clothes, books, etc). So far the cruise employees have not found my bag, nor offered to compensate me in any way. They have also claimed they are not responsible for my luggage. It seems pretty clear to me that one of Celebrity's employees stole the bag, and no-one in charge seems interested in finding out what happened or taking any responsibility for the missing property.

This has ruined my vacation, my summer, and has severely impacted my business and my life, as I have lost my computer with over a years worth of work (digital files, financial documents, etc) on it.

If you or anyone you know has had a similar experience with Celebrity or with another cruise line, please let me know. Its time to bring awareness to this issue and get cruise lines to take responsibility for the well-being of passengers who spend thousands of dollars to board a cruise ship.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not the only one

I'm apparently not the only one who has had a miserable experience luggage going "missing" on a Royal Carribean ship:


Check this out - such a frustrating story!